T5 Electro Command Tractors

New Holland T5 Electro Command Agricultural Tractors for sale at Dickson County Equipment

    Every once in awhile a revolutionary tractor comes along that redefines the way farmers think about what they need from their tractors. From the creation of cabs to convenient features like column-mounted shuttles, tractors have continuously benefited from new ideas. What’s next? Look no further than the New Holland T5 Electro Command™ tractor series as they redefine business class farming.

    Designed around you, the operator, by utilizing virtual reality techniques, T5 Electro Command™ tractors provide you with unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, making those long days in the field fly by. Climb aboard your new office, the VisionView™ cab, and see how perfectly the controls feel in your hand. Combined with its sleek exterior styling, countless options and the Electro Command transmission, it’s the quintessential symbol of business class of farming.

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    T5.105 Electro Command

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    T5.115 Electro Command