Bush Hog 2820

2820 for sale at Dickson County Equipment


Model 2820

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Performance Features
  • Free Wing Float, without movement of each hydraulic cylinder rod, is 22° down and 45° up.
  • Each cutting gearbox has the industry’s first massive 3” output shaft with more splines that are deeper for maximum transmission of torque to the blade pan.
  • Highway travel lights are standard for safer travel on roadways.
  • The 2820 is available with Round Blade Carriers or Straight Shredder Blade Bars. The optional Shredder Kit will increase the shredding performance even more that the straight shredder bars.
  • An optional Material Distribution Baffle Kit spreads cut material to eliminate windrows.
  • Each wing has a single deck without exposed structure underneath.
  • The 2820 is available with optional deck rings that reduce the possibility of blade to deck contact.
Construction Features
  • Blade Pans are reinforced for maximum durability.
  • Spring Axle Cushions are located near each wheel for maximum shock absorption.
  • Grease Fittings and Spring Steel Bushings for minimum wear are at each axle pivot point.
  • Wing Skids are formed upward at 45° to prevent “dig in” on turns that might damage the sideband.
  • The center section has a doubled deck with no exposed structure for a smooth flow of cut material.
Cutting Width: 20 ft.
Hitch: Perma-Level or Ball
Minimum Tractor h.p. @ PTO: 90
Side Band: 1/4 in. x 14 in.
Blades: 1/2 in. x 4 in. Hi-Uplift
Blade Holder: Round or Bar
PTO Drivelines: ASAE Cat 6
Wing Drivelines: ASAE Cat 5
Wing Flex: 22° down to  87° up
Wing Free Float: 22° down to  45° up
Splitter Gearbox Rating: 250 h.p.
Cutting Gearbox Rating: 225 h.p.
Gearbox Oil Sight Gauge: Standard
Gearbox Warranty: 6 years
Blade Tip Speed @ 540 pto 15,625 FPM
@ 1000 pto 15,936 FPM
Cutting Capacity: 3 inches in diameter.
Top Deck, Center section: 11 GA.
Bottom Deck, Center Section: 10 ga.
Wing Decks: 10 ga.
Axle Cushions: Springs @ ea. Wheel
Wing Adjustment: Turnbuckles
Grass/Crop distribution: Optional baffles
Safety Tow Chain: Standard
Highway Safety Lights: Standard
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty; 5 years limited warranty on gearboxes.