Post Hole Diggers

Bush Hog Post Hole Diggers for sale at Dickson County Equipment

    Augers… the heart of the digger
    Whether you need to drill holes for posts, tree plantings, structural support members or other tasks, Bush Hog® has a post hole digger to meet your needs. Our three 2400 Series models fit both Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 tractors. Augers are offered in both standard and heavy duty versions in sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches depending on digger model. Tough soil penetration is no problem for the powerful Bush Hog® post hole diggers.

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    PHD2401 Post Hole Digger

  • CroppedImage385230-BHPHD2402.jpg

    PHD2402 Post Hole Digger

  • CroppedImage385230-BH-PHD2403.jpg

    PHD2403 Post Hole Digger